Hi! My name is Mr. Medinger. Please join me in California's Mountains as I study the effects of climate change and development on plant distribution!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1

Well our team began early this morning, with a trip to Chalk Hill, where we began our study of the wild flowers and shrubs. It was amazing to see how one side of the hill was covered in pine trees and lush undergrowth, while the other side was sandy and full of succulents. We were able to log and press over 12 species by noon. Then we drove down the hill to apple canyon, at the lower elevation we saw much more colors. The snow pack had melted into a river and we were able to log another 14 species, mostly of wild flowers. Right now we are back at the Reserve drying the plants and logging our data and pictures. Tomorrow we are going down the hill into the real desert, should be hot!


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