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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday in Apple Canyon

Here is an idea of what the desert floor looks like down the hill from Idylewild. We were out on Wednesday, looking to find Indian paintbrush, phacelia, and blue gillia. Though it is brief, the desert flora seems to explode. This particular place was a mix of the yellow and purple you can see here with highlights of bright red.

We have gathered and pressed over 60 species at this point. Our team has become a well oiled machine, I am the record keeper and get to scout out to find duplicates of particular species. Rebecca is our photographer, and Bill and Jan need to bag and then press them on site.

Thankfully, we havent found to many invasive species to this point, which may be a good sign. Rusty has told me that both the Palm Springs and the Idylewild communities have begun "native plant" promotions for there domestic and commercial landscaping. Hopefully these beautiful scapes will be spared from the crabgrass and fire starters that have invaded the mountains closer to LA


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